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  • Protected cruiser — Protected cruisers were a type of naval cruiser of the late 19th century, so known because their deck armour offered protection for vital machine spaces from shrapnel caused by exploding shells above. They were less well protected than armoured… …   Wikipedia

  • Victoria Louise class protected cruiser — The Victoria Louise class of protected cruisers was Germany s last class of ships of that type. They were designed for overseas cruiser duties. The class design introduced the clipper bow and blocky sides that typified later German armored… …   Wikipedia

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  • cruiser — Synonyms and related words: Black Maria, LC, LSD, LSM, SC, adventurer, aircraft carrier, aircraft tender, almadia, alpinist, ammunition ship, ark, assault transport, astronaut, auxiliary, barge, battleship, bomb ketch, buss, cabin cruiser, camper …   Moby Thesaurus

  • cruiser — /krooh zeuhr/, n. 1. a person or thing that cruises. 2. one of a class of warships of medium tonnage, designed for high speed and long cruising radius. 3. See squad car. 4. a vessel, esp. a power driven one, intended for cruising. 5. See cabin… …   Universalium

  • List of cruiser classes of the Royal Navy — This is a list of cruisers of the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom from 1877 (when the category was created by amalgamating the two previous categories of frigate and corvette) until the last cruiser was deleted more than a century later. There… …   Wikipedia

  • Armored cruiser — The armored cruiser, or armoured cruiser (see spelling differences), is a type of cruiser, a naval warship. The armored cruiser is protected by a belt of side armor, in addition to the armored deck and protective coal bunkers that define the… …   Wikipedia

  • Light cruiser — A light cruiser is a warship. The term is a shortening of the phrase light armoured cruiser , describing a small ship that carried armour in the same way as an armoured cruiser; a protective belt and deck. Prior to this smaller cruisers had been… …   Wikipedia

  • Diadem class cruiser — Contemporary deck plan and port elevation of Diadem class cruiser. In the deck plan, the 6 inch annotations refer to the calibre of the guns. Class overview Name …   Wikipedia

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  • French armoured cruiser Dupuy de Lôme — For other ships of the same name, see French ship Dupuy de Lôme. Armoured cruiser Dupuy de Lôme, launched in 1890. Career (France) …   Wikipedia

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